Friday, November 20, 2015

Today It's Two Wool Tote Bags

It's a series of things done in twos! Yesterday I made two wool totes. I had two related-but-not-similar pieces of crewelwork from the thrift store (still in their hideous green plastic frames).

After unpicking the stitches that held the embroidery to the cardboard backing, I just trimmed the linen ovals and then joined them to the wool with bias binding.

Sister bags, I guess, for your trips to the library! Cotton velveteen handles, pansy-printed lining.

They'll go in etsy soon, or you can email me if you want them. $22 each, or $40 for the pair.

The proceeds from my last few weeks of sales are going to a young family here with four children--one birth, two adopted, and one foster. To pump up their Christmas a little :)


Mother B said...

How clever and so very beautiful!! Are they washable?

Choate Family said...

Love how you find little bits of beauty everywhere!

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