Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Trees: Today's Report

While the Composer was putting one up,

Sister was taking one down.

Also, it may be too late for this year, but plan ahead for next year with some adorable wool garland--all proceeds go to charity!


Natacha said...

We have a cat but she never ever tried to climb the Christmas tree. She is not interested at all.

Greetings from Luxembourg!

Jill S said...

More sister antics, please!

Sherry said...

oh dear... wink
lovely large tree with white lights.

Lisa said...

What a fine tree! At work, we were just wondering if putting on the lights from bottom to top might be a better way. Looks like that's what your husband is doing.


Rose said...

Our Charlie is 18 now so his days of bringing down a Christmas tree are receding, he continues to enjoy unwinding balls of yarn for me.

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