Thursday, January 07, 2016

Boreal Forest Quilt Top

A new quilt top . . . and it's not a log cabin! I've suddenly begun working with triangles. In the land of Making Things, you never know what's over the next ridge.

Green thrift store shirts, and a little apple-green linen from a generous reader. White Kona cotton from the fabric store. 

Boreal Forest.


jenny_o said...

Beautiful! So clean and elegant. And perfectly named.

Rose said...

That's a goal as far as my aesthetic is concerned Anna. White with a simple tonal design -- gorgeous.

Christina Gomez said...

Beautiful that they look like trees! Christina

Vija said...

Gorgeous! My favorite is also log cabin, so I'm always eager to see your quilts. This new turn is simply lovely.

Stefanie said...

After my first and vowed only log cabin quilt, I had no desire to make another log cabin block. So I remain in awe of the log cabin streak.
That said, I have been waiting and hoping for this evolution for a long time.
Sew on.

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