Saturday, January 30, 2016

Moving the Office, Finding a Mirror

Yesterday was moving day at the law firm--we left the old-school downtown space (with unheatable high ceilings and windows only in the front) for a new spot three blocks down. Since I'm rarely there, this won't affect my daily life very much, but Clara, Daisy and I went first thing in the morning to start loading boxes and files into the van.

After a lot of hard and dusty work* with all the others--ten lawyers, an extra husband, and two college students--we had the office empty, we thought. Until Clara asked if anyone had started on the attic.

In fact, they had not. We set up a bucket brigade on the ancient narrow wooden stairs and handed down a roomful of junk. Mostly out-of-date Federal Digests, but also this beautiful mirror, which I brought home. Carved corners, glass all a mess just like I like it, and carefully written on the back, "Resilvered January 1954."

* The question arose as we made a spectacle of ourselves on the street: How many lawyers does it take to move a conference table? The answer was eight, since the table (handmade by my brother from trees he had felled himself) weighed several hundred pounds.


jenny_o said...

That sounds like a huge job and a long day - but that mirror, and that table - treasures!

Rose said...

What a methodical mind Clara has, I remember you referring to this once when talking about organising a pantry.

Love the lawyer/table conundrum. :)

Kelley Dibble said...

What a reward for a hard day's work!


Anonymous said...

That was a fun story. I don't know why, but Clara reminded me of Nancy Drew in this one. :-)

The Hobbit said...

A move in February?...........and good weather to boot! You live a charmed life,my dear. ;)

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