Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Alabama Chanin Patterns: The Maggie Wrap Top

Alabama Chanin is releasing four new patterns this year, and the Maggie Wrap Dress, Tunic, and Top was the first (there's a new one each quarter).

I tested it out in a shirt-length. There's no shaping to it as it's presented--the under-bust ties are meant to pull it in. It already has center front and center back seams, though, so if you want to do, say, a swayback adjustment it's very easy. I also dropped the neckline some.

While simple to make, this pattern does require *miles* of binding--and I was working with the shortest edges. I can't even imagine how long the dress would take to bind!

In other green garment news, my hooverette of yore is back on the market as its buyer has decided not to keep it. Hooverette lovers, this is your second chance.


Anonymous said...

OOOH!!! lovely quilt, or it could also be titled by the seaside , with the ocean and sand colors!! Very nice..

Tonya Davis said...

Anna, would you mind sometime sharing your tips and hints on making Alabama Chanin clothing? I have all the books and have made a few, but I would love to hear from someone more expert! Thank you for your beautiful blog and the clothing you make. I appreciate it all.

Polly said...

I love the color you chose--I'm a fan of greens. But I cannot get into the pattern. Even not taking into consideration the miles of binding, it just doesn't look good to my eye (not your version, I mean the pattern itself--I've seen various incarnations of this and the dress). Maybe it's the tie in front, which seems distracting. Or perhaps it's just an innate knowledge that it wouldn't look good on me. Did you like it *on*?

The Hooverette! A darling dress, surely it will find a happy new home.

Farrah said...

Thank you, Anna!

Vija said...

Anna, I see your comment about the Hooverette, but don't see it in Etsy - if it is still available, I am 110% interested!

Anna said...

Vija, the link should take you to a different blog, where Farrah is selling the dress.

Polly, I can't answer your question yet since I haven't worn it! It's been too cold.

Tonya, it's good to hear from another AC fan. I don't think I have any tips to offer--Natalie has been so thorough in her books! IF you have any specific questions though I would be glad to address them.

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