Monday, January 04, 2016

Planning a Month

At the beginning of every month, I draw up a comprehensive list of what I hope to accomplish and enjoy. It's kind of daunting to see it all written out--it runs to several pages-- but once I have it down I can start plugging things into each week or each day, and they're far more likely to get done this way.

My sections are:

Routine Cleaning (chores that happen once a month)

Special Cleaning (each month is different; my deep cleaning is spread out over the year)

Kitchen, Pantry, and Dining Room projects (seasonal cooking, special recipes to try, extra baking)

Celebrations (birthdays, visits, holidays, parties)

Desk and Legal Work (ongoing or one-off work projects, volunteer work, financial goals)

Books and Movies (anything I want to read or watch)

Creative Projects (to start, finish, or just make progress on: home improvement, sewing, writing, painting, etsy plans)

Outdoor Work (gardening, seasonal outdoor chores)

Shopping (clothes, sewing and art supplies, household items)

Travel and Outings (including day trips, hikes, meals out)

Animals (barn chores, Frontline, farrier visits, supplies)

Personal Care and Health (haircuts, workouts, fitness goals, clothing care)


Polly said...

Oh, I love this! Thank you for sharing yours...I'm intrigued by the categories. I do something similar, but not the same. My children are still pretty young, so I break the year into quarters, and determine what I am going to focus on during that season....usually half a dozen or so things. (Sometimes I break *those* goals down into weeks/months as well.) I don't have the same legal work right now except my own!....and I like the idea of fleshing out specific categories for focus. I also set some basic educational goals for my children, or even life skills for them (like tying shoes, learning a new chore, etc.).

I have to say, the fact that your list is several pages long for the month astonished me at first, until I realized that my daily to-do list sometimes takes a whole page of notebook paper. Sometimes I think we do a lot more than we realize in life!

Rose said...

Anna you would not credit this -- I had just finished making my month's plans when I came to do my blog reading! We overlap in several areas although I have inspiration from your list with Creative and Kitchen projects. I tend to let the latter "happen" so, inevitably, I miss something I meant to do in a season or time. Thank you for your ideas.

I find monthly planning is such a good way to ensure we meet those bigger goals that can slip under the radar with the everyday.

Christina Gomez said...

I really like that ! Great organization! Christina

Wendi Brant said...

I love this. I tend to keep a running "To Do" list with everything jumbled together. I used to keep everything in my head, but years ago, hubby taught me the joy of striking finished items off a list.😊 (Although, really, my memory used to seem inexhaustible. I never needed to keep a calendar. I just remembered birthdays, appointments, assignments, etc. Now I tend to forget things that aren't written down. I wonder if that's BECAUSE I started writing it down, and let my memory get rusty.)

Margo said...

I am a listmaker and very organized, but I only work from week to week. I keep the larger foci in my head, but as I get older, I think some of them quietly slip out of my memory. As I tend to be very organized and controlled and plan oriented, I feel that it keeps me somewhat balanced to wing it sometimes :)

Pattie - Chicagoland, IL said...

Could we see how you fit all of this into your month? That would be very helpful. Love, love, love this system!

Pat said...

Great idea! How do you format your lists? Do you use a type of chart or just a heading at the top of a page? This is a good time to start a system like this myself!

Farrah said...

I'm so scattered though my intentions are good to be organized. I admire those of you that are put together.

Anna said...

Rose, I will often add those spur-of-the-moment seasonal projects that I did on to my list retroactively, so that when I pull it out next year (I review them as I go along) I can remember if there is anything nice that I want to add.

Pat, I just print out a straight-down-the-page list off my computer, broken up into sections.

Pattie, I will post about that soon.

jenny_o said...

This is so helpful, for me to see how an organized person thinks. Thanks for sharing.

Lucille said...

This is intentional living at its most impressive. I may try to emulate some of this. My To Do list is pretty random.

Rachel Marie said...

This is the kind of organization I crave. Please tell me you didn't do this when your kids were young? So I can feel that there's hope? I call my brand of organization at this point "organized chaos" ;) Maybe if I had more energy I could manage more. Was there anything you did/ate to restore and maintain energy when you had littles? Maybe you can write a post about what your life looked like when your kids were young? To those of us who come here for the breath of fresh beauty and inspiration but who are still in the trenches of diapers, potty training, phonics, and preteen emotions.

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