Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Salad: Radicchio Slaw with Celery and Fennel

Finely sliced radicchio, celery, fennel, and a spoonful of raisins. Dressed very lightly with vinaigrette (and would have been good tossed with a little mayonnaise).

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Kori said...

I love reading your blog but have never commented... this salad reminded me of one of my favorite "slaw" recipes... I grew up near the Mexico border in Southern California so most of the food I fix has a Mexican twist... we call it "Mexican Coleslaw"... You need cabbage, jack cheese, jalapeno juice, tomatoes and a zesty italian dressing mix for the cruet... I usually cut the whole head of cabbage and add a brick of jack cheese, and a couple of tomatoes... then comes the Mexican part... when preparing the dressing in the cruet... substitute the water with the jalapeno juice... (if you don't want it hot then just use water) It is very simple and easy and very tasty with mexican food! Enjoy!

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