Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Let's Do This!

 A fancy city florist came down to do the beautiful flowers first thing on Saturday. The sedum is in the bride's bouquet.

Felix's arbor was dressed in greens and white blossoms.

The chairs were set and ready. 

I had the honor of pinning all the boutonnieres on the gentlemen.

Honey, you're making me cry.

Fast-forwarding to after the ceremony (these are the Composer's pictures and he didn't shoot anything During the Wedding--he's a civilized person).

The bridal party did a quick photo shoot nearby while the guests made their way towards the reception pavilion. That was a lot of good-looking.

 All the food was prepared by a crew of Tia's friends--I think they are caterers. I know they are Jamaican, and I believe they stayed up all night to cook, bless them. We ate very well, with four kinds of chicken, fried plantains, rice and peas . . . .

As a junior bridesmaid, Daisy was seated with the wedding party. I don't believe we'd have ever heard the end of it if she had been seated elsewhere. She would have felt it keenly.

Felix toasting (with sparkling apple juice).
Well done.

A traditional game. These two were good sports.

Felix and Molly.

The cake was traditional Jamaican Black Fruit Cake--not as black, we were assured, as it would have been if it were a Christmas cake. I couldn't eat any because of the gluten, but you better believe I enjoyed the smell. I love fruitcake!!

 We're in-laws now! In case you're wondering, I didn't make my dress.

Giles says thanks and goodbye. They went off to change and slip away.

Only family came to see them off, which was kind of sweet.

We were all getting tired.

Oh, they're married now, you can tell!

That's a red sports car! Giles had rented a "beige Kia" and was surprised with an upgrade--a little lagniappe from the Lord.

Bye, sweethearts!


Lisa said...

Thank you, for sharing this intimate moment with us.

Anonymous said...

She looks at him with so much love in her eyes. What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations to your entire family!

mary johnson said...

Breathtaking! Tia and Giles and the wedding party--and all the guests, for that matter!--seem to be glowing with happiness. Such a pulchritudinous clan, every last one of you!

Daisy belonged at the wedding table, indeed, in that dreamy celadon. Just curious, were the other dresses handmade? I like the style of having the same color but different pattern. Clara looked like a sylph.

Lovely, lovely wedding. That shot of Giles gazing at you gave me all the feels. Congratulations to you and your family!

Mary in WA

Julie said...

What a beautiful day. Love all the photos. thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

Anna thank you so much for taking the time to share these lovely images. What a beautiful day. What a perfect combination of simplicity and style, just the right level of formality and yet so relaxed. That photo of Giles as he gazes at you in the act of pinning on his buttonhole is truly beautiful, very touching. He looks so solemn and reflective. I don't want to sound maudlin but there's a sense in his eys of saying a final goodbye to childhood, goodbye to being his mother's 'boy' and becoming Tia's 'man', taking on the responsibilities of his own family. God Bless them both and very best of luck to them, wishing them every joy in their life together. Angela

Rose said...

Anna that was a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing Giles and Tia's wedding with us so beautifully. Doesn't everyone look scrumptious. Your dress is lovely, I rally like that mid-shade of lilacy grey on you, the lace and the line are also lovely.

Clara, Bella and Daisy as well as all the others are such beautiful bridesmaids. And the gentlemen are equally good looking, who is that brave young man without the beard?

I don't think I've had the pleasure of seeing The Composer in a suit before, you cut a very fine figure Composer.

The food sounds delicious too, Tia's friends are very clever indeed.

I had to google "lagniappe" -- an "American Spanish" word I see.

Exciting and wonderful as it all seems to be I guess you'll be glad to be home.

Caroline Niziol said...

What absolutely stunning photos of a beautiful occasion!! I have been following your blog for over ten years -- since I "met" you on the S&S sewing boards. Love your photos, love seeing your lovely family. Best wishes to the happy couples!

Christina Gomez said...

Beautiful!!!Oh everything turned out wonderful! I love that the looks and emotions were captured as well. And that car!:) Blessings on the whole family!

Anna said...

Mary, Molly's mother made her dress. I think all the others were purchased. No one wants to sew with chiffon!! :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Thank you again for sharing moments from the wedding. Beautiful.

Sherry said...

exquisite.. in every possible way!

seashoreknits said...

Anna, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and sacred occasion with us.
I am so happy for Giles and Tia and for your whole family.
Everyone looked so handsome and beautiful in the photos - and so joyful.
I loved your dress - you just looked perfect in it.
And all the girls looked so so pretty!!
The love on the wedding couple's faces was evident - God is so good.

lisa said...

Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos! Weddings are wonderful! Happy for your family!

donaleen said...

So fun and lovely. Great arch.

Lisa said...

Your dress is great, Anna! (And I can't see Alejandro without wanting to laugh, remembering the hilarious look book post you did with him and Paul way back.)


Rebekah said...

God bless them. What a beautiful day they had.

Judy said...

Thank you so much for this delightful peek into a very special day.

I think my 19 year old daughter summed up how many of your long time readers (the ones who don't personally know you) responded to the romance that led to such a beautiful wedding day, when she said to me last evening when we first saw these, "I'm not quite sure why these make me feel so happy, but they do!"

Every best wish to Giles and Tia, and thank you for generously inviting us to come have a little look at your family album.

Lisa Beth W. said...

What a privilege to see these lovely pictures! Thanks, Anna. What a sweet and beautiful day you had--praise God! I feel like I know your family from the glimpses you have given us over the years of their faces and their characters. Thus, the pics of Giles where he is looking at you and the one at the end in the car, one so solemn and loving and reflective, the other so thrilled and happy and anticipatory, give me goosebumps! What a day for a mother and father--we had two such days last year. God is good!

I am tickled for Daisy's sake that she was in her rightful place at the table, dear girl. :)

Polly said...

What a beautiful and charming wedding. I love the colors of sage, cream, greys, pale pinks....that's just the palette I would choose for a spring wedding! Everything looks pretty and everyone looks happy. Thank you for this sweet glimpse into a beautiful day.

Celeste Kostyniuk said...

Such a happy day! I'm so glad for them, happy, lovely couple. Everything and everyone looked so beautiful. Like many others, I was just slayed by the photo of you pinning the boutonnière on Giles' jacket. His love for his mother is so evident.

Kim said...

Thank you! What a beautiful day, and a day that glorified the Lord! So happy for two young adults following God's plan. Not many today can say that. Seeing Giles grow up into a young gentleman has been a joy. Let him know that prayers have been sent through the years. Our God is faithful.

Our oldest son got married 3 weeks ago. He was busy buying a house and fixing it up for his new bride. Such grace has been bestowed to our family as well. Our son and his wife honored the Lord with their courtship and now see the wisdom.

Enjoy your new role Anna. It is a little different.....I miss my little "Bud", but I am so grateful to have he and Bridget in our lives serving our Lord.

By Grace Alone,

Carol said...

Anna: Thank you so much for so generously sharing the wonderful photos that the Composer took of this beautiful wedding. (MD)

Erin said...

So much love and happiness in these photos. Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

A Dusty Frame said...

Congratulations~Looks like it was a beautiful day

Yvette said...

Just beautiful...

Melissa said...

As so many others have said, we feel like we "know" a small part of your family because we have been long time readers. It brought tears to my eyes seeing these lovely photos and your captions, you're a great story teller, thank you for sharing.

Kimberly said...

Ah, my, leaves me all sentimental. What a lovely wedding, just lovely. My dear husband is Jamaican and we, too, had a Jamaican black fruitcake that was not quite as strong as the cake we had a few months later for our first married Christmas. Blessings on the new couple.

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