Thursday, June 23, 2016

This Is Why We Frame Things

 . . . because it makes them look legit. These are going in the library, in the little bit of wall space left around the book shelves. 

The long-suffering Composer devoted several hours today to that Sanding the Staircase project. Messy? Yes. Even with the stairway encased in plastic, there has been brown dust everywhere.

We're cleaning and cleaning, because . . . Felix and Molly tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Where do you find your frames?
Have fun with your kids. (people)

Rose said...

I wish you could drop by our little art/framing shop Anna, what fun we would have.

Enjoy the weekend with Felix.

~ Shannon said...

They look legit, because they ARE legit! They're lovely, Anna -- they will look marvelous in your new library! Here's hoping the rest of the renovation goes smoothly, and that you have a wonderful visit with Felix and Molly.


PS -- I've been a reader for, oh, at least nine or ten years (though I rarely comment). I must have been about 17 when I started reading. Your blog has been such a peaceful, inspiring respite throughout that time. Thank you so much for sharing your schoolhouse life with all of us -- the view is indeed pleasant from here!

Carol Slater said...

Lovely frames! I am glad that you are going to be able to visit with Felix and Molly!

Lisa said...

With the gold, they do look like museum pieces! Did you get cheap frames from the thrift store and paint them all?


Melissa said...

Oh what wonderful frames for your treasured paintings! I assume the frames are Thrift store finds? Have a tender visit with Felix and his girl, what memories for your family.

Christina Gomez said...

Lovely work! And yes,tgey are legit!:)I know theyll look beautiful in your new library. Have a great time with your family this weekend!

Polly said...

They look beautiful! I hope you've had lots of fun this weekend!

Erin said...

They look gorgeous!

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