Friday, July 15, 2016

A Beautiful Morning at Alabama Chanin

The garments on display--the current collection--are beautiful shades of cream and ochre.

Someday I'll do this myself--the appliqué over a vintage quilt. Gorgeous!

Ice cream shades. Yum. And look at that subtly-curved side seam.

Sample garments to try on before you DIY. Brilliantly, all the smalls are gray, all the mediums are black, etc.

A look at the sample books, of course,

And one last bit of drooling over the elaborately embellished collection. Breathtaking stuff.

I shopped quite small this time--I'll save my major yardage purchases for a sale weekend. But I wanted to put together a project for Clara's Christmas present. I bought the Climbing Daisy stencil, realizing I couldn't face cutting that one out myself. So many little petals. She'll make it up by embroidering it with cotton tape. 

Artful botanical things: gladiolas on the front desk, and galvanized steel tubs of reeds outside.


Christina Gomez said...

I cant wait to see what youre making! Have fun!

Carol Slater said...

Sounds like quite a project, but I am sure she will enjoy it.

Lisa said...

It never occurred to me they'd have the DIY things for you to try on! That is amazing.


Wendy said...

Did you wear one of the dresses you made there?

Rose said...

Gosh the Composer takes a good photo doesn't he? ;)

Those shades of ochre and cream have quite an Aussie flavour about them, the ice-cream shades are gorgeous. What a great idea that the over-the-top demanding stencils can be purchased.

Melissa said...

Sparkling lights and a sparkling necklace, lovely.

Rebekah said...

I always enjoy your Alabama Chanin field trip reports!

Heather said...

The photos with you are so lovely. They capture the passion and joy you have for this fabric.

Polly said...

Lovely! It's such a happy place. I love the cream/ochre combinations, too. Something about holding the highly embellished pieces in my hand is so satisfying--and inspiring.

Glad you had a lovely time!

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