Monday, August 15, 2016

A New and Massive Ottoman

I've been on the lookout for furniture for the little stone house, and the girls and I went to a very inexpensive antiques place (the smaller the town, the better the prices) and found a mighty and massive ottoman for $30.

The perfect piece to use for a coffee table and/or extra seating (and of course, if it's a magazine picture, a tray with a coffee press on it). However, this ottoman was covered in foul cranberry floral, and the top cushion was ripped all the way across.

I forgot to take a before picture, but I just cut all the fabric off the top cushion, then laid down a layer of cotton batting. Then Clara and I stapled some fabric (cut from a hardware store drop cloth) over the top cushion, not caring how the staples showed--because next, I made the world's simplest slipcover that just drops over the whole thing. That seam you see is inherent in the drop cloth. It's only on one side of the ottoman and I don't care!! I like it that way :)


Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

Pleated and piped perfection!


Anonymous said...

What a perfect little slip cover, such a simple design yet so effective and no major sewing skills needed. Thank you Anna, I'm sure many of us will copy this idea.

Melissa said...

What would we do without hardware store drop many uses!

Josephine's Girl said...

Anna, you're inspirational! I have a copy of the nastiness described as "before" in my basement! I am going to have to make a wrap, staple, drape appointment with that bad boy! I can send you a before picture to use on your blog (bah ha ha)!

Christina Gomez said...

Perfect price,perfect look!

Maggie Smith said...

Very clever and lovely. Not sure what the cover is made from. Is it the drop cloth material or something else
(If you get a chance, please reply. I'll keep checking back)
I love your blog and have been following it for years. You have a beautiful family and a wonderful outlook on life.

Anna said...

Maggie, it's a dropcloth that came in a package from Lowe's. I've bought dropcloths before that are a fairly stiff canvas, but this is loosely woven with a lot of drape. Thanks for your kind words!

rhonda jean said...

You've done a great job. Everything looks better covered in plain natural fabric. It looks beautiful and functional, and what else could you hope for?

Baptist Acre said...

I bought a drop cloth recently, washed it, & have made tea towels that I applique decor on. It mainly is for looks, because it's still pretty stiff. But it does make a cute towel for display. I got the idea when I helped make curtains for Camp Chetek in Chetek, WI this last Spring for their new cabins. Drop cloths worked great for the curtains . . . just perfect for camp.

Wendy said...

I have an ottoman I have been wanting to make a slipcover for out of an old tablecloth but I can't get my head around how to do it. This looks simple and pretty!

Sherry said...

both excellent and beautiful choice! oh, and practical. :)
for footsies and for additional guest seating.
i used our breakfast table.. the hubs cut the legs down
and i added foam, muslin, then a series (over the years) of
slipcovers depending on the season. currently i have a
lovely waverly rose fabric. that may change in due time.

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