Thursday, August 25, 2016

Felix and Molly: The Couch Photo

Molly had been in Europe for ten days, and Felix has been in South America for weeks (he lives there) but he surprised her at the airport when she flew in yesterday. Now it's a happy hang-out weekend with Giles and Tia--and squeezing in two premarital counseling sessions Sunday. Wedding is at the end of the year!


Christina Gomez said...


Melissa said...

Oh yeah, a peek into the Newlyweds apartment. A wedding in the north in the winter? It will be beautiful.

Lisa said...

They are awfully cute.


seashoreknits said...

How exciting!
So happy for them.
And so sweet of Felix to surprise her at the airport.
My husband did that for me once and I will never forget it.
Young love! so sweet to see

Sandi said...

This photo is so perfect it looks like it came with the frame!


Yvette said...


Anonymous said...

what a delight :)
sherry from

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