Friday, September 16, 2016

Evening at the Fair

Back at the fair this evening to engage in more livestock business. It's strenuous! I can't even imagine keeping a cow comfortable here. Those who have cows set up entire living/lounge suites with haybale footstools, Crock-Pots, and coffeemakers.

An array of quilts. I feel the judges don't get my quilts. They're not fans of the visible knot. But that's okay.

I'm fascinated with these wooden signs. Someone designed and painted them. They chose to slope the word up to make it fit in. Good for them!

Part of Daisy's display featuring various chicken breeds. Since we don't have a color printer, she prints out a black and white image and then colors it in with Prismacolors.

Just before the storm blew in.


Christina Gomez said...

Looks like fun. Thoes judges are missing out on a good quilt! Love the last picture.

Rebecca said...

Ha! We've said the same thing about the judges getting out aesthetic. One year our Clara got a 2nd place for a dress she made. In the comment section the judge gently chided
her for using buttons that didn't Match the fabric.

daphna said...

Beautiful coloring!

Emily said...

I brought goats to the 4-H fair for ten years growing up. It was quite stressful. I can't even imagine how much more stressful for my mother and father, who at one time were taking goats and chickens for seven children down to the fair at once. It's a lot of work.
Your quilts are amazing. Who cares what the county judges think?

Sarah said...

Ha! The quilt comment made me laugh! There is so much about my making that wouldn't stand up to a county fair, but nobody in my house seems to complain. A very wise woman once said, "Perfection is overrated." ;)

Margo said...

Did you enter any quilts? I'd love to read your thoughts on why you quilt the way you do (visible knots and all!). I love your quilts and I'd love to see more photos that show the whole thing, but that's a hard photograph to set up.

I edited a book about quilts and then and there, I realized I would probably never make a quilt that would win a prize. Fine with me!

Anonymous said...

I can't see any issue with visible knots. The charm of a handmade item is precisely that it was made by hand and seeing the structure of the thing, how it was created, is part of that charm in my opinion. Anyway a quilt cannot really be 'judged'. It's a highly personal and individualistic piece of art. The important thing is what it signfies to the maker and to their loved ones. Anna's quilts will be enjoyed and treasured by generations of family and friends. Angela.

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