Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Palette for the Stone House

Oh, it's fun to see these coming together! From top to bottom (and these are all Benjamin Moore):
Decorator White--for all the trim, and for the kitchen.
Green Tint--for the master bedroom and the hall bathroom.
Gray Cashmere--for the living room.
Wild Aster--for the small bedroom and for the lady's bathroom (clawfoot tub).
Enchanted Forest--for the hallway, which runs from the front door straight back to the kitchen, and the tiny study.

Joys of small-town life--Daisy's piano teacher is doing all the interior painting and acing it!


Jodes said...

All very soothing colours!

Christina Gomez said...

Love the colors!

K. Anne said...


My husband is a painter (interior/exterior) by trade and swears by Benjamin Moore.

seashoreknits said...

Love the palette.
We used only Benjamin Moore in our home and love it.

Judy said...

Love these!

Lisa said...

How nice to have this man doing the painting! It's all so exciting.


Martina said...

What fun that the person who introduces Daisy to so much beauty also works miracles to bring beauty to your walls! It's a story you can certainly tell - while Daisy plays pieces in matching tender tones in your new home (as I know you, you will find an exquisite old piano somewhere...)
Wonderful seeing your progress on the house!

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