Monday, October 10, 2016

Before the Reupholstering

The girls and I found this couch a couple of weeks ago (for the stone house, of course). It's very old, dating from the 1920s, and used to be horsehair! It has some very sturdy springs.

I started the reupholstering adventure today by taking the fabric off the bottom and back. Bottle green cotton velvet coming up.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous, my parents had a similar style done in the softest, dark chocolate coloured velvet.

Josephine's Girl said...

I had a sofa like that in my first apartment. It has very nice lines!

~ Shannon said...

What a marvelous find! It's such a lovely shape -- reminds me a bit of the English roll-arm style, which I just love. Can't wait to see it transformed!


Amy said...

I'm impressed!

Tina Rallo said...

This looks very good. I would like to do this to my furniture. Do you have any tips? Where can I go to learn how to DIY.

Thank you,

Lisa said...

It's great that Clara is game for all these furniture adventures. It would be so hard to do it yourself.


Elisha said...

I've been wanting to do this to a few chairs. Would you share with us your steps to reupholstering the couch? Simplified version is fine!

Anna said...

I'm not giving anyone advice on this project--there are plenty of internet resources far more knowledgeable than me! I just muddle through asking Clara what she thinks would be right to do next :)

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