Monday, October 24, 2016

Last Apronful of Tomatoes

Clara and Daisy and I went to New York this weekend to meet up with our kids there--it used to be the boys, but now it's Giles and Tia and Felix and Molly--Felix was able to join us for the weekend. Actually, we were a secondary consideration. He was there to see Molly, and boy was he happy.  Bella couldn't get off work but plans to make the trip in December.

We met Molly's parents, shopped for bridesmaids' dress fabrics, and looked for special tea and chocolate croissants. 

We got back really late last night and Clara had to plunge right into teaching her classes at 8:00. Daisy and I eased into things a little slower, and I found time to check the garden for one last apronful of tomatoes.


K. Anne said...

Sounds wonderful!

You are lucky to still have in the northeast it has gotten chilly; I retrieved my last tomatoes 2 weeks ago. :(

Sherry said...

.. a beautifully full life. ♥

Lucille said...

We might have passed in the street for that is exactly where we are. There was a 40 degree plunge in the temperature from our arrival to today. Luckily I had packed for three seasons.

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