Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Line in the Sand

Clara and I have managed to reupholster the couch to this point--it's only lacking the bottom fabric and the fronts of the arms. Meanwhile, I've been making the cover for the seat cushion, but today the sewing machine drew a line in the sand. Stopped me in my tracks. Said it simply wasn't capable of sewing through six layers of upholstery velvet where the piping has a seam and is being sewn to two panels.

I was almost immediately okay with that, and found a shop in town that will finish my cushion cover at a very reasonable price. I got it over there today with a huge feeling of relief. No more green velvet to sew for the forseeable future.


Choate Family said...

What a beautiful color!

CTVKath said...

Glad you found a place to finish your cushions!!! A long, long time ago in my single days of nativity and Easter plays, I was making heavy black drapes on my Singer and bent the vertical arm that holds the needle. No more Singer. I have since gotten a new machine and I don't do anything heavier than medium weight denim. :-)

Katherine in Atlanta

Lisa said...

You and your velvet upholsteries! So impressive! But it definitely can be a relief when something gets in the way of one's plans. :)


Erin said...

I know that feeling. :)

Christina Gomez said...

It's beautiful!:)

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