Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Woodpile, Still Waiting

We have a large and lovely woodpile all ready to go . . . and we're still running the air-conditioner. 


Emma - a simple living journey said...

The seasons are strange here in Australia too. Normally at this stage of the year the crops are dried, waiting to be harvested. The air conditioners are running and swimming is the activity of choice.

We just loaded up the wood bin in the kitchen again yesterday? The nights are still frosty and cold and rain continues to be a common occurance.

Strange season for sure. Im not sure if we are looking at a short summer, or a late one just yet.


connika said...

...and lovely Autumn leaves.

Rebecca said...

Here, too!

Anonymous said...

I have daylilies blooming here in Indiana. Crazy!

Tracy said...

Meanwhile at the bottom of the world, supposedly heading into summer we're still wearing all our winter woollies and running heaters full pelt. Nice to know ours is not the only weather doing weird stuff.

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