Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Oil Painting: Box of Chocolates

Not a quilt, but the same appealing (to me) array of squares you can mess around with.


Sandi said...

That a really cool idea! Eye-catching.

Lisa said...

So, sort of like Marie Antoinette, who figured if you don't have bread, you can eat cake, you are figuring if you don't eat chocolates, you can paint them. Anyway, my mouth is watering like Pavlov's dog.


Erin said...

LOVE this.

ashleytiberi said...

Anna, I've been reading your blog for a handful of years, and I always find myself coming to your page when I am looking for peace and simplicity instead of comparison and stimulation. Thank you for proving that in your little corner of the internet!

Your paintings are so lovely. I especially love all of your bouquets...would you ever consider selling any in your Etsy shop?


pforgerson said...


Maggie Smith said...

Very cool! You managed to create depth and shine so beautifully.

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