Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mint in a Pot

One of those things I'd been planning forever and just hadn't gotten to: planting my mint up in a pot under the spigot. This should be good.


Sarah said...

My mother did not plant her mint in a pot and we were constantly finding volunteers over the entire vegetable garden and backyard. A pot should help with that issue! Love the idea of keeping a plant under the spigot so it waters itself! Side note, one brother and I secretly collected all the mint leaves we could find, dried them, and tried to smoke them. It cured us of our elementary school fascination with smoking pretty quickly :D.

Sandi said...

What a great idea!

Lisa said...

Mint in a pot - making it behave itself; under a tap - the moisture it craves. A great idea! (of course, Sarah already said that, but I wanted to, too) :)


Polly said...

I should try this. We're soon going to have to completely rip out ALL my mint to make room for a patio (poured concrete was the original vision, but I've since revised the vision to pea gravel, I think--which I know you've done! {Do you have any regrets?!} If we can afford it, we'll build a short stone wall around the pea gravel patio....). Anyhow. A few years ago my husband and a couple of guys ripped it all out, thinking it was WEEDS. I was so upset because it was mint that my mother had planted.

I needn't have worried. Somehow that mint magically returned...in spades. Of course.

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