Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Whew! I have been fully occupied with a houseful for the last few days. The young adults gathered over the weekend for a barn raising on Monday (photos to follow). With three houses in the mix for hosting now--our Schoolhouse, the Stone House with Eliot and Emma (that's them at the end of the table below, Emma in the red sweater and Eliot up on the stool), and Felix and Molly at the Meadows--there seems to be no limit to the number of people we can include! Everyone ate here, and everyone worked together to build and garden on Monday--it was fantastic. Much accomplished, a few sunburns, and lots of food eaten.

Several of them are taking off tomorrow on a road trip to points north, and life will settle down. I have quilts to show!


Christina Gomez said...

Just lovely!

Lisa said...

So, you've got someone in the Stone House! How nice for them. It seems you have a strong community there.


Melissa (Instagram.com/melissasnotes) said...

Family and friends to help in the work load, that's terrific!

Polly said...

Now that looks like a happy table of people! I like the jadeite. And Tia's hair.

Definitely want photos! We are close friends and neighbors with Mennonites, who are closely associated with Amish, and let me tell you: there truly is something to the barn raising approach. I've seen the fun and fellowship that hard-work-together involves firsthand, and I'm a believer!

I'd like to have that type of community as well. Maybe we'll get there!

Anonymous said...

For some reason, Anna, as you spoke of housing people in the Meadows and Stonehouse, L'Abri came to mind. Maybe you are running a Southern L'Abri?
Amy F.

Wendy said...

I like the verse on Arthur's (if that is Arthur) red shirt :)

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