Thursday, May 25, 2017

Little Bit of Barn, Lots of People

Our barn-raising weekend started the night before with plenty of hot tea and love from Sister.

Then it was up early to build a barn for these Dutch rabbits! Jonathan is halfway through vet school but will never know enough about rabbits to satisfy Daisy . . . .

The guys broke ground behind the fig tree. 

Measure twice, strip the sod once.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Arthur and Daisy dealt with a little backlog of manure in the barns. Goats and chickens needed some housecleaning.

Molly and Tia were assigned to the Universal Assistants crew. Apparently no one needed any help.

Until they did. Bella ran the kitchen. Girls, there's pimento cheese to make.

Emma ran back to the stone house for forgotten tools.

I have no idea what is happening here. 

It took almost all day to get the frame in, cement poured, and everything square. When they quit for dinner, the rafters were also in place. There was so much trigonometry going on in the yard.

By late afternoon some people needed a break . . .

  . . . and some had actually earned one :)


Sandi said...

Barn-raising! Cool. :)

Love the shot of the girl staring at the turtle!

Melissa ( said...

I love your stories/comments and a wider/bigger angle picture of your home! Thank you for sharing. What a lovely place you have created for your family and friends.

Polly said...

Where was this work crew when my husband was building our chicken coop and run?! The math was mind-boggling for me. Not for him. Oh, the work of measuring, digging, thinking, framing, building......

My favorite thing about this is that Daisy is going to be the happy beneficiary. I love that.

And as far as I'm concerned, Molly and Tia are their own excuse for being. They're darling. (And as a daughter-in-law who has snuggled up on her mother-in-law's sofa under a quilt more times than I can count--I stand in solidarity with that blessed pastime.)

hannah queen | honey & jam said...

These are gorgeous photos!

Emily said...

Daisy is a lucky girl to have so many people working to build a home for her bunnies. That's wonderful.

Tia and Molly are so cute. I love that they're friends.

Lisa said...

Oh, I loved seeing your sitting-room arrangement - it's all very pleasant. You have some mighty big plants! And so many quilts come in quite handy. :) Is the barn finished? I hope you have more pictures to show.


Tia has such an air about her, like a queen. How can you fault a queen for sitting? And her lady-in-waiting must do the same. ;-)

Kate said...

I love how you see life.

Isabella W said...

Finally, after years, a pic of your living area. Lovely! It looks like you had quite a crew.

Anna said...

Rebecca N, I saw your comment, and the answer to your question about your cousin is yes! She and her husband are living in our stone house. They are very dear friends.

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