Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Versicolor Quilt

I forgot I even made this crazy striped quilt top--I had sent it to my mother and she quilted it beautifully. It's really, really intense. Versicolor! That's Latin for multi-colored.

I love the back she put on it. Just to calm things down a little.

I will be listing this in etsy in the next few days--or if you're interested, please email. It will be $200 plus shipping. It's a bit of an odd size--plenty wide for a twin bed but a tiny bit short--although I'd just cover the top with pillows. Bright ones.


Christina Gomez said...

That's beautiful!

Cathy said...

Absolutely gorgeous colors!

Yvette said...

Absolutely stunning!

Carol said...

This quilt of many colors is so beautiful! (MD)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of your Japanese maple quilt!

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