Monday, June 19, 2017


Mid-afternoon in mid-June. A day full of work, laundry, errands, and hospitality. 

I've moved my work computer upstairs into the Composer's studio and can't tell if I love or hate being out of the thick of things. 

I can concentrate, and there are no parrot squawks to apologize for when I'm on the phone, but on the other hand, what's going on downstairs without me? Is the laundry ready to turn over? I'm so far from the coffee! Does a cat need in?


Lucille said...

What prompted the move?
I'm upstairs in a room that gets far too hot in summer (especially in the current heatwave) and so contemplating a move downstairs, but the only 'free' table is in the kitchen and I think that's too much in the thick of things. I don't have a laptop so a move is quite a faff.

kath said...

I keep my desktop computer in my husband's home office and my laptop in the kitchen for that reason. I have a lot of recipes on my laptop so they're always available, as well as being able to look up something quickly. I also like to read my email on it early in the mornings while I have my tea. My desktop is for pretty much everything else. I have both of the computers linked (they're Macs so it's pretty easy to do) in case I need info from one when I'm on the other.

Melissa said...

That's kind of the way I feel in our kitchen. It's at the back of the house and the Living Room is in the front, I'm always running back and forth, trying to hear everything!

Huskerbabe said...

Too far from the coffee! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Anna why don't you make yourself a little tea and coffee station in your new office space? By the way I was most intrigued by the phrase 'to turn over the laundry' so I looked it up and found in the Urban Dictionary - how cool is that! In Ireland our laundry phrase would be 'great drying weather' as despite the constant rain everybody prefers to dry their washing outdoors the old-fashioned way. The TV weather forecast often mentions the 'drying weather' :))Angela

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

I quite understand that feeling. I moved my sewing room (from which I sew for my Etsy shop) out of the downstairs laundry room to an upstairs bedroom previously used for homeschooling (all have graduated now) a little over a year ago. I had all those same feelings. Given a little time, I wondered what had taken me so long!

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