Friday, July 07, 2017

Modernizing a Dated Embroidery Project

My step-mother passed a big bag of sewing goodies to me which had belonged to her late mother.  I found quite a few new-in-the-package sewing kits--embroidery and crewel work. 

The crewel work--it is what it is: harvest gold mushrooms and olive green flowers. Clara may work them up for fun some day.

I appreciate the nice quality of some of the printed projects--these guest towels are on 100% linen, fun and mindless to cross-stitch. And they fit in my purse. I brought them into this decade by throwing out the bright color choices, and doing them in a monochromatic pale seafoam green.


Lisa said...

Good idea - it looks very soft and pretty.


Josephine's Girl said...

Beautiful, Anna! I think you made them classic!

Choate Family said...

Beautiful and simple :-)

Polly said...

I love the monochromatic look! Very nice. I found a few cross-stitched towels in a thrift store not long ago. The colors were hilariously garish so I had to bring them home. (No idea what I'll DO with them yet.)

There's something to be said for understated embroidery.

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