Thursday, September 14, 2017

Daisy Shows Dulcie


Lisa said...

Dulcie looks like she knows she, too, has done a good day's work.


Patty Mueller said...

Anna, I'm not sure when I started reading your blog, but it's obviously years ago. Because this long-legged daughter of yours is light years away from the cute little toddler in leopard print shoes who accompanied you on a trip to London once upon a time.

Hope she had fun at the fair!

And, I'd like to see her entire cowboy boot, since they look totally awesome!

Davene Grace said...

Congratulations to Daisy on a job well done!

The fifth photo down is outstanding - such a great expression on Dulcie's face!

Also, you and Clara look much more glamorous than I have ever looked when going to the fair! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Daisy! Showing an animal takes a lot of work, patience and skill!
Amy F.

Unknown said...

Great job Daisy, and Dulcie!:) Christina

Tyna Begley said...

Woohoo! I know nothing about goats, but I see 2 blue ribbons. Way to go!

seashoreknits said...

Congratulations to Daisy and Dulcie!
Teamwork extraordinare
and it looks like Daisy had so much fun!

akaSleen said...

Such gorgeous photography!
Congratulations to Daisy and to Dulcie.

Abbey sews said...

Aus Kindern werden Leute. Daisy is growing up. 😊

Congrats to you both

Cathy said...

How this reminds me of the days my children showed long-wool sheep at the state fair. Others may not know exactly what goes into the raising, halter training, and grooming that precedes the big show day. But what an education, and what fun!

Polly said...

I spy blue ribbons! Great job, Daisy.

Those rosy cheeks. She's just lovely.

Shara said...

I love county fairs. Ours will be a little later in the fall.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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