Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Glamorous Women Are Walkers"

" . . . Most glamorous women I know are walkers; they have made walking a pleasant habit and part of their busy lives for which they always find the time. And notice how each of them has developed an unforgettable graceful walk . . . Walking preserves health and lengthens life . . .Walking--free striding, free-swinging, rhythmic, unhurried and unharried walking--is the perfect aid to [everything]."

--Gayelord Hauser, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: An Invitation to Beauty [1960]


Propagatrix said...

I have the complete works of Gayelord Hauser.

Unknown said...

Well I'll have to check that book out!

Margo said...

So glad I'm "glamorous!" I walk everywhere I can, living downtown the way we do. I walk my children to school and what will I do when there are no schoolkids at home anymore!?

Also, love the author's name. I've never heard of her (him? the only other Gaylord I knew of was a man).

Polly said...

I love this. The question is, does it work in reverse? Glamorous women are walkers; are walkers glamorous women? I hope so, because I like walking.

Glamorous women are probably not elliptical trainer devotees, but I'm one of those, too.

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