Monday, October 23, 2017

The Hugels of Felix

When Felix and Molly bought their house in June, the first thing Felix did was start to build some hugels. What was he even doing? 

Now, of course, we know all about hugelculture and we are all true believers. I have paid Felix and Eliot to convert my vegetable garden into hugels. I can only hope that next year, like Felix, I can grow okra plants that are eight feet tall and have to be taken down with a chainsaw.


mongollisa said...

Ah, so interesting....our daughter did the exact same thing as soon as she and her husband moved into their home! We had never heard of this even though we're gardeners, but it's such a neat concept and is working so well for her also. She keeps sending me pictures to Mongolia of all the gorgeous produce she is getting....and of course I'm just jealous!! (they are in N. California)

Polly said...

I've been gardening my whole life (well, I only grew tomatoes and herbs this year!) and have never heard of a hugel, although the concept makes perfect sense. Good luck with that okra!!

Anonymous said...

Anna, Could you kindly recommend a book on this or a website that would help in learning this method? Thank you!

Lisa said...

I have heard of this, but not by that name. I guess the stick take a long time to break down, but it's nice to put them to this use!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, Anna! I had never heard of this. I have been researching the idea since reading your post.
Amy F.

Eleanor Howe said...

I've been reading about this method, but am still on the fence deciding if I want to try this vs raised beds. I'm converting my garden from mostly decorative plantings to mostly edible with swathes of wildflowers to make the bees and non-fussy humans happy. Any recommendations from you and Felix and Molly would be most welcome!

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