Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Bear for a Baby

I found a cashmere coat at the thrift store in the perfect color, if you were wanting to make a bear for a baby, which I was.

In fact, I've made two. I machine-stitched the pattern pieces together, but then the head, body, arms, legs, etc. all have to be joined by hand, which is always awkward until I get the hang of it.


Carol said...

How cute!!

Melissa said...

Clever. Did you find the cashmere first or knew what you were looking for from the pattern? It's always interesting to hear how you can find and use different things from the thrift store. I'm trying to use that type of thinking when making new things also. I buy sheets and turn them into hand bags/totes.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!
Amy F.

Gillian said...


Lisa said...

That is very cute.


Anna said...

Melissa, I generally find the supplies first and then am inspired to do a particular project.

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