Monday, November 20, 2017

The Golden Woods

Sunday afternoon was perfect for a hike. Daisy didn't want to drive anywhere though, so we did what we should do more often--we walked through the backyard and down the back side of the mountain.

It had literally been years since I had done this. It's very, very steep--you almost have to slide down. At the bottom, you come out in a perfect golden valley, and then you can walk over to the road and have a reasonable stroll home.

However, we abandoned reason, and came huffing and puffing back up the steep way,  just to keep in practice.


Kate said...

Beautiful! There is nothing like the woods next to my home. I love them and enjoy walking them frequently.

This time of year I cannot, though, as the hunters are in abundance and I dare not disturb their hunt. Once winter settles in, I am back tripping through snow. I can go farther in the snow, so long as my legs can handle the extra workout, because the underbrush is down,and the swampy bits are frozen and covered.

Last February, to my surprise, I came across a moose track! I didn't know it was a moose track, but it was confirmed in April when a beautiful moose cow circled our property and I was able to come within 30 feet of her and snap a photo. It was quite a treat because moose here is unusual. They usually stay farther north into the Adirondacks.

Lisa said...

Very lovely.


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