Saturday, May 19, 2018

So Many Quilts for Sale

It's probably a very First World + Rural Area problem to have, but my quilt shelves have been overflowing for quite some time. I have therefore stocked my etsy shop with TEN QUILTS. Folks, these are part of quilting history here at the Schoolhouse. Get them while you can, and I promise I will give the proceeds away where I think they will do the most good. 

Bless you all!

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

What I've Been Enjoying

The library's sale shelves. I've gotten some great stuff for very little, and I enjoy supporting the library. I try to stop and check at least once a week.

My orchids are all blooming at once.

We spent a few hours in Indianapolis, and I truly enjoyed fabric shopping at the French Seam fine fabric store. I got several stunning pieces to make summer things for Daisy. If you're in the midwest, go there.

I'm finishing up my poetry collection and turning it in tomorrow. 

I've been working at the Sisyphyean task of using up my scraps of jersey by piecing a string quilt. You cut your scraps into strips and sew them to a fabric base. I'm using 10-inch muslin squares and I need to make 81 of them. I do about two a day. I'm not racing through this project, but it is so satisfying to see the scrap heap diminish.

Kale from the garden!!

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