Saturday, July 29, 2006

Solo Saturday Pleasures

As the Composer had the older children with him all day at an out-of-town film festival, Daisy and I were all on our own today, and I enjoyed:

• Not sharing the avocado on my sandwich at lunch.
• A pedicure.
• Painting Daisy's toenails pink.
• A blissfully long baby nap.
• Fitting a new pattern. Sorting my beautiful fabrics.
• Starting a new watercolor with lots of intense color straight from the tube.
• Nothing but buttered corn on the cob for dinner.
• Stacking Daisy's sweet outfits on my bed, ready to pack for vacation.
• Weeding a flowerbed after dinner, and watching her carry each weed to a big pile in the middle of the lawn, shouting each time, "Mine happy birthday!"
• Smelling her little baby-sweaty head before bath.


littlejennywren said...

I just love your blog . I have had a little spare time today so I have taken the opportunity to read it through. I love Raphaella Barker's books also. I enjoyed seeing all your sewing projects and checked out the link for the vintage patterns. I hope you have a lovely holiday,we are just entering the coldest part of our year, summer is still just a dream for us.

G.L.H. said...

My favorites: Nothing but corn on the cob for dinner, and The baby-sweaty head. Many times mine were baby-sweat-mixed-with-baby-powder smell.

Loved your entry!

tonia said...

Beautiful, beautiful blog.

Christine said...

Hi! I adore your blog. I love how you reflect so often on the daily, often unnoticed pleasures and treasures in life. Blessings!

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