Friday, July 28, 2006


We had sunny skies after all for Bella's party which was attended en masse by her lovely friends. We ate three pizzas, a big bowl of cheese puffs, a platter of pretzels, a pitcher of lemonade, and the piece de resistance, the Jello Cake. A ring mold of raspberry jello, covered with whipped cream and dotted with raspberries. Perfect for a mother who has already made several birthday cakes this month!


OreoSouza said...

What a lovely blog!!

Are all the photos yours?

I love the clean, intimate feel of your blog. The photos and the writing create a lovely atmosphere of peace and family.

Anna said...

My 15-year old son is the photographer around here. Doesn't he do some amazing work?

OreoSouza said...

15 years old?!

He's an artist. I love the light in the photos, the clean, clear edges. They are beautiful.

Tell him he has a fan.

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