Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sturm und Drang

It seems like I am caught in a Perfect Storm of household projects and plans, between the following:

•Birthday swimming party for Bella and twelve friends here tomorrow; 80% chance of heavy rains!
•The girls and I are flying to Colorado Monday to take Clara to this fantastic music camp. We must Fed Ex her cello there tomorrow since we don't have a cello case strong enough to withstand the baggage hold of the airplane. To do that we had to order a special box big enough to ship a cello in. Fortunately it did arrive today.
•The Composer and the boys will drive out to meet us in Denver, CO after four days. Too bad they still need to eat after I leave! Today I shopped and cooked for the freezer so they won't starve here alone.
•When they meet up with us in Colorado we'll camp at Rocky Mountain National Park for a week. I must organize camping supplies, especially cooking equipment, since only I know what I need!
•While we're gone family friends will be staying in the house. It must be picked up and cleaned!
•Lots of clients and files to get in order before I leave for two weeks!
•Could the Composer be under any more deadlines, including music for a film which plays at a festival in two days? That's a no!

But in the middle of this Perfect Storm I am looking forward to the Perfect Peace of sitting in the Rockies with a cocoa in my hand and Daisy in my lap. Mmmm.


Kelli said...

I hope the rain stays away for Bella's party tomorrow. I will pray you get all of your projects finished before your trip. Your vacation sounds like it will be very relaxing.

G.L.H. said...

Your vacation will be wonderful, "as soon as it begins."
Getting there is always the "trying" part, isn't it?
Hope your party tomorrow is under sunny skies!

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