Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bella Made Cookies

Bella made a batch of the house cookies today, and was subsequently declared the Cookie Queen (fortunately, Clara wears the title of Cake Queen, so no competition there). She made very small cookies, and rounded the dough into balls with her hands before setting it out on the sheets. This made for delightful cookies, each smooth, rounded, and loaded with chocolate chips. And it made so many!


Kelli said...

Bella's cookies look delicious! Rolling them into small balls is a wonderful idea.

Cara said...

How wonderful that Bella can be such a blessing to her family in that way! My recipe is very similar, but I'm going to try your baking hints next time!

Heather said...

We love to have tea parties with tiny little cookies here too! Our 8 year old recieved Usbornes 'Fairy Cookbook' last year for her birthday and the recipes are wonderful! Everything we have made so far has been easy, tasted wonderful and is delightful to behold! It is so fun to put out the tiny china tea set and 'have tea' with itty bitty fairy foods.

Anonymous said...

My oldest boy does that with our basic choc. chip recipe. They do really look like another type of cookie, and the rest of the kids love the change.

Langhaven said...

We tried your cookie recipe a while ago and switched over. Our first one was the family favorite, but once we found yours, we switched, hands down! It's great! We've always rounded ours too. They look very professional that way.

Janet said...

My 2 daughters have been making your cookies this week and we LOVE them. The recipe is certainly a keeper here!! My middle daughter added white chocolate chips with the regular chips tonight and they were WONDERFUL. We couldn't believe how "store-bought" they looked too.:)

I just love your blog... thank you for such beauty.


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