Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Luncheon

I had a hearing this afternoon in a tiny town (we'll call it Tiny Town) 45 miles up the highway, and part of my judicial district. My wonderful friend Jody moved there with her four boys last year, so it is always a treat for Giles and Felix to go along and hang out at her house. Today, though, I took all the children because Jody had somehow finagled such a treat--a luncheon invitation from a new friend of hers. Now, this lady doesn't know me, or my five children, but she invited us anyway--two ladies and NINE children-- to her beautiful century-old house in this little downtown. Oh, this house: its lawn slopes down to the river, barges going by righ past her back hedge. Twelve foot ceilings. An enormous veranda, with swings and a pale blue ceiling. And a huge table set with her fanciest pink-flowered plates. Delicious chicken salad.

On the way there the kids reflected on the rarity of an invitation to a real lunch party. "Social life seems like it would have been so much more fun in the old days," Felix remarked. Myself, I am inspired to get some of that social life going again. I am going to find *someone* who can come over for luncheon.


Brenda said...

Let's see, if I leave the Midwest now, swing around the Boston area and pick up daughter and grandchildren (my SIL is a professor and couldn't get away right now), we could be at your house for lunch Tuesday perhaps?


Anonymous said...

I haven't done a tea in a long time. town before the job We do/and did the Christmas open houses, and its fun to think of what the people would have done in each of the rooms.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Children. I did teas, and dh and I did house visits much more in our old town, before our last job transfer. Lynn

Copper's Wife said...

Good for you!! I think too often we long to do a thing (having folks for a real luncheon) and say we'll do it....sounds like you're determined to make it happen, so Good For You!!! The house you visited sounds lovely, and I'm sure your guests will feel just as welcome and pampered when they visit you.

Pam said...

When we lived in the South, people made such a wonderful fuss over luncheons, baby showers, and gatherings of all sorts. Here in the northern mid-west, such a fuss just does not exist. I miss it!

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