Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Daisy Under the Maple

The silver maple in the front yard is always the first tree to start dropping its leaves. Daisy was the first this year to drop in the leaf pile.


Kim said...

Anna, what a sweet picture. I have been reading for some time and epscially appreciate how much we have in common. Would you mind if I linked to your blog from mine? I don't know what the "proper etiquette" is about that but I always ask first.

Blessings on your day.


Anonymous said...

It is sweet. Total bliss and happiness. I hope to slow down my grandchildren's childhood just a bit, when I get some.

Cindi said...

I love her dress, did you make it?

Anna said...


Of course you can link! Thanks for asking, and thanks for reading--

Daisy's wearing a hand-me-down April Cornell. So cute!

Shari said...

fall is my absolute favorite time of year! what a great way to kick it off, jumping in the leaves. crunch.

dark_minstrey said...

What a nice girl.. ;0)
She is look's very natural..
Просто прелесть! :)

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