Thursday, September 14, 2006

The County Fair

Tonight we went to the county fair, an excursion which always throws us deeper into rurality than we usually are. We adored the 4-H exhibits of animals and produce, and Daisy not only loved the merry-go-round, she added cotton candy to her repertoire.

Beautiful eggs in all shades:

A deep blue sky:

Pears that speak for themselves with such dignity:

Pepper sauce:

Such a delightful presentation:

Beauty and skill:


Heather said...
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Heather said...

My family so enjoys our local county fair! The children look forward to cotton candy and funnel cake all summer long! They work hard to save for the rides and the games, and we always support our local dairymen by enjoying a 'hand dipped' shake!
This summer's fair was sad for my husband and I as we observed the young people in attendance. The majority of the girl's clothing was skimpy and very revealing and many of the boys emulated gangsters with their 'dark' attire.
As we watched our children on the tilt-a-whirl, we wondered if there will be any wholesome companions for them to enjoy as they grow up. It encouraged us to pray more ferverantly for the youth that we know and wisdom for their parents, and for our children and the children growing up in this permissive society. It is good to know that God is on His throne.

Kelli said...

Incredible photos!!! I'm glad you had a fun day at the fair!

Brenda said...

Those are beautiful photos.

I love the county fair. Ours is in the hottest part of Summer but it is still fun. We just stay away from the pig building, then. :)

It makes me happy to see women who are still proud of items produced in their kitchens.

Anonymous said...

Our county fair was several weeks ago, but we always go to the big fair in the next city. We get the kids funnel cakes as soon as we get there, and scope the place. Then we head for the women's exhibits, the new cars, the petting zoo, the live barn, the farm exhibits. I think in some ways they get bittersweet. We've done the *little farm* every year because of our kids spacing. But our youngest is getting too tall. Now we will either this year or next, just have to *walk by* instead of standing in line. The little farm is where the small chilren follow the farmers job from planting to harvesting to selling in the general store. They get to milk plastic cows, and feed plastic livestock, plant seeds, and harvest plastic crops. Drive little John Deere trailers. Very silly, but very well done, and we have always enjoyed it. Lynn

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