Monday, November 27, 2006

One More Lovely Day

We had our traditional Sunday-after-Thanksgiving-at-the-cabin.

I love the understated beauty of winter there. The colors are so subtle--the white sycamore! The textures are beautiful, and the silence, with just the river running, is enchanting.

The Composer's parents cooked a lovely dinner. I won't even mention that I spent part of the afternoon knitting.

Daisy in her Thanksgiving onesie: "It keeps me warm under my dress!" But she's not wearing one.

(photo credits to the Composer this time)


Me said...

so glad you shared this with us - babies in onesies - what is more charming...

kelley said...

What a fun time!
The pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I KNOW you had a wonderful day that day. It is so beautiful there,and relaxing. The stillness of it all, and the time to knit, what a blessing!
Thanks for sharing.

clarice said...

Wow what an amazing cabin and property. You lucky girl. Clarice

Shelley Jo said...

That seems like a wonderful place to have to go to when you need it or just WANT it. You are very blessed!

Anonymous said...

I would simply LOVE to have a cabin like that to go stay at once in a while. It's beautiful there. My daughter says that your cabin is like, totally so cool. :)

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