Saturday, November 25, 2006

Red-Tailed Hawk

Another sunny, leisurely day--we had a birding outing this morning at a wildlife refuge in some hardwood bottomlands at the river. Felix informed us that we could expect to see birds of prey, ducks, and geese.

As back-up fun I took my knitting along.

Giles took pictures. Daisy ran around.

Our big sighting of the day was spectacular. This is a juvenile red-tailed hawk sitting on a fencepost not thirty feet from us. We got as close as we could without scaring him, and Bella got him to turn his head and look at us by making squeaky mouse noises.

Daisy cooed respectfully, "Oh, an owl!"


C.A. Worcester said...

I love to read your comments on how your family lives and how you seem to sort of just flow - with life. :-) It is so nice to see how your children really enjoy (what I think are anyway) the finer things in life! Cooking, playing music, birding, taking walks, taking pictures, you knitting and sewing and throwing those really neat showers and little parties.....what a blessed life you have - I know not perfect, but really, really blessed.

Cheryl :-)

Shari said...

i love those types of days.

Anna said...


Thanks for your kind words! I am indeed blessed. God is so good.

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