Thursday, November 30, 2006

Serving Soup

A big pot of homemade soup makes a lovely cold weather supper, but I sometimes feel ungracious presenting *just soup* for dinner, especially if we have guests at the table. Of course I always include salad and bread or crackers as part of the meal, but somehow, though the soup pot may include meat, many vegetables, and a starch, the menu can feel a little bald.

So here is what I do to round out the meal and present a more gracious table:

•Bread or crackers are naturals with soup. I like to offer at least two choices in the bread basket or on a tray. Several types of hearty crackers, slices of sourdough bread, biscuits, cornbread, or rolls.

•Additional protein in the form of a small cheese tray. A wedge of Brie, or cubes of cheddar or jack. It doesn't matter how much cheese I slice and set out, it will all be eaten with soup--and my children aren't even big cheese eaters.

•Something fresh and crunchy. NOT a vegetable that plays a role in the soup. Instead, fresh and shiny red radishes with a salt grinder beside. Or cucumber spears.

•Something sour. Tiny dill pickles, a bowl of olives, or best of all for Southern people, okra pickles.

That really ought to do it, I think!


Kendra said...

Thanks for the lovely tips. I really enjoy reading your blog, I find it very inspiring. I served acorn squash soup for dinner tonight and only two of the five around the table seemed to enjoy it (that would be myself and the baby). Perhaps if I can learn to serve it more attractively, it will be enjoyed more next time.

dianeinjapan said...

Oh, yes--okra pickles, by all means! I love doing soups all winter long, especially since most of the ones I make up turn out well. Funny, but I hadn't thought of including a little cheese tray when we have soup--that's a great idea. Your blog is a delight!

Kelli said...

Thank you for the wonderful ideas! I often feel the same way as you when serving soup. I also like the idea of serving two types of bread. Now I'm craving a nice hot bowl of soup! :0)

Lyn said...

Your blog is so "pleasant". Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us.

Mrs. Pivec said...

Hadn't thought of the extra crunchies - like the radishes or the "something sour." I've lurked here off and on for a while, but wanted to say 1)your blog is lovely, and 2)thank you for the good soup ideas! :)

Fe said...

Last winter I had soup as a regular meal, but felt a similar sense of incompleteness. These ideas will help greatly when next winter comes along:-)

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