Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pink Camellias

The camellia tree is in full bloom outside Giles' bedroom window, and Daisy's . . .


Bethany said...

Magnificent! God's masterpiece right at our fingertips!

Anonymous said...

Your weblog is such an inspiration to me. I have a tendency to rush on to the "next thing"... always trying to peek over the next hill instead of just enjoying the moment. Your entries always inspire me to look around, rest, enjoy, and be thankful. Thank You!
Now, my husband and I are looking to buy a digital camera (finally) so we can capture those moments and tidbits we don't want to forget. Your pics are beautiful... what kind of camera do you enjoy, if you don't mind telling?
God bless you!

Mrs.B. said...

A lovely picture!

I just wanted to let you know that I made your shorbread (without the ginger) and it turned out wonderful!

I also made your Schoolhouse Chili last night and it was the best chili I ever made. We even ate it over fritos like you suggested.

Thanks so much for posting such delicious and easy recipes.....I enjoy your blog very much. (o:


G. said...

I use a Konica Minolta 5D, which is no longer being made. The equivalent model is the Sony Alpha.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, G! I'll look into the camera you suggested.
Blessings, and happy photoshooting!

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