Friday, December 01, 2006

Morning Oranges

This morning when I came into the dining room the sun was glowing on the silver trays of oranges I have on my little sideboard. I am enjoying the pure wintery look of citrus fruit and pomegranates on display before I move them to make room for richer, darker Christmas goodies.


Anonymous said...

Now, I know where Giles has gotten his eye for photography from! The things you talk about, light, and color, are things a photographer needs to get a great picture. My husband photographs for a hobby. It is really neat how you can get something very beautiful from something so simple, isnt it? I think thats one of the reasons I am so inspired by your blog. It isnt all this STUFF. It really, and truly feels like a breath of fresh air. Thankyou so much.

Anonymous said...

I just spent the morning browsing through your archives--how truly lovely! The simplicity and domesticity that you so obviously treasure in life are just such a nice change from the modern world. I look forward to reading and learning more. Thank you for breathing a little bit of elegance into my day.

Heather said...

We have just today picked up a bushel of oranges and two boxes of grapefruit from H&S Citrus Co. right from the truck and fresh from Florida. We were in a long line in chilly weather but our experience with this company tells us that this fruit will be far superior to what is available in our local grocery. We look forward to eating them and giving a few away, but now that I have seen your post, I'll be sure to set some out for 'eye appeal' too! Thank you for the inspiration!

dianeinjapan said...

Beautiful photo--the lighting is stunning!

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