Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cooking for Sunday

" . . . as for me, I like to do as mother always did. I always have the cake-box and bread-box full of nice fresh things, and make a pie, perhaps, and cook a piece of meat, or have some salad in the ice-box; and then it is the work of but a few minutes to get the nicest kind of meal on Sunday. It is easy to have a beefsteak to broil, or cold meat, or something to warm up in a minute if one cares enough to get it ready; and it really makes a lovely, restful time on Sunday to know all that work is done."

--Grace Livingston Hill, Cloudy Jewel


Maven said...

How funny! I have been reading this book this week and I remember this passage distinctly. I hope that you had a blessed Lord's Day!

Marie said...

Did she not have access to a slow cooker? :)

Mrs. Huckabay said...

I'm not sure if someone has sent you this link already, but you have a soul sister out there.

Thanks to you, and this lady, I am now hooked on GLH books. I keep them on reserve from my library about five at a time, and now I intend to scour our local used bookstore for my very own copies. I can think of nothing better to pass down to my daughters than these wonderful books, and they make great, cozy fireside reading. They also awaken in me an interest in sewing, cooking, cleaning, and decorating like nothing else has.

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