Friday, June 08, 2007

A Happy Afternoon

A happy afternoon of sewing with thrift store goodies: a vintage pattern (ten cents) and a length of soft rosebuddy fabric (fifty cents).

Daisy's getting a nightgown!


Karen said...

As your picture shows, the older pattern tissues are so much nicer to work with. They aren't so thin, and you can see the markings so much better. The sweet little rosebuds are precious! Daisy is a lucky girl!
A while back you told me to try Hancock's for some vintage-style fabric, and I have found some of the prettiest material there. I was there today, in fact. ;0)
Happy sewing!

Eva said...

I love to see your new sewing projects. Once I'm home full time in July, I would love to pull out the sewing machine I got as a wedding present from Mom, and figure out how patterns work and make some clothes for my precious boy. I have found the tasks of preparing meals and treats in the kitchen more fun lately.

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