Friday, June 15, 2007

Thrifted Blouses

My out-of-town work trips generally take me to little courthouses in little towns. Courthouses, of course, are always right in the center of town. And very often, in an old downtown storefront space, I will spy a promising-looking antique, junk, or thrift store.

Yesterday I was sad to see that one of my favorite antique stores had closed down, but in its place was a thrift store. Oh boy! Heavy on the clothes, but everything was in beautiful order. Clothes were all sorted by color--my favorite arrangement. And I had the wonderful realization that my girls are now big enough to wear small ladies' sizes--such an improvement over the big girls' styles!

I found three lovely blouses. Pale blue print with puffed sleeves, so thirties! And another little white eyelet blouse, both for Bella. For Clara, an unworn white linen with square mother-of-pearl buttons and openwork detailing. A beautiful shirt, and Clara can always use another for concert dress.


Julian said...

very lovely. I know the girls will love the blouses, and look beautiful in them. You are blessed to have found such lovely things on your trips.

Anonymous said...

I smiled when reading this post. My daughter and I occasionally visit a particular thrift shop and always come away with *nice* finds. Glad to know you've been equally blessed. :o)

Anonymous said...

just make sure your not over bearing with your personal style

Karen said...

I'm trying to find some small ladies fashions for Alaina, too.
I lucked up with a white never-worn eyelet skirt, and lavendar blouse with 3/4 length sleeves. Both for $6.00. I'm loving the thrift stores as well!

Jantena said...

Thrifting is my middle name, I can totally relate:) It took me from age 40-50 to develop my own sense of style and thrift stores are the best places to put it all together.
I just love your blog, three of my girls ages 17-25 do as well. So grateful that they can be inspired at a younger age than I was.

Anonymous said...

thought you'd be interested:

re: the Nancy Drew movie. According to this article Nancy makes her clothes from VINTAGE BUTTERICK patterns : )


Heather said...

I love a nice blouse - so cool and easy to slip on with a nice skirt! You have a good eye! The best thing about thrift shops is that it's a new store every time you go in since the merchandise is constantly changing!

We just 'found' a new thrift shop near our hometown and visited briefly. We came out with 2 pair of very sturdy like new boys shorts for our growing guy and were pleased to know that our $3 purchase helps to support local church ministries to battered women.

Our daughter at 9 is also able to wear ladies small or extra small - petite works even better - we were pleased with the selection available for her, but alas, her closet is bursting thanks to her thrifting grammy! No need for another thing! We were happy to find such a nice selction though!

Mrs. MK said...

fun shirts for lovely ladies!!

snow said...

Clothes were all sorted by color--my favorite arrangement Trendy Womens Tops

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