Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dreamy Alliums

These alliums are doing one of my own favorite things--standing at the top of the garden and gazing dreamily over the freshly-mown lawn.

Today was going to be a big day in my garden, until I got called out of town on two separate adoptions. When I say "big day", I mean that three grown men were coming to work in my perennial bed, which has in the last two years slipped completely out of my control (oh that pesky baby Daisy!). I figure that if I bring The Cavalry in for one session, I will be able to keep up with it from there.

Though I cancelled today, I have rescheduled for next Thursday. I won't do a lot of dreamy standing around then!


Davene said...

I continue to be inspired by your blog...thanks for all you share!

Here's a random question, and I realize it's a bit of a departure from most of the topics you cover in this blog, but I'd be grateful to hear your opinion! How did/do you help your children learn to get along with each other? I have two young boys who have moments of great joy together--and times of inexplicable conflict! I'm guessing you may have encountered some issues along those lines when your children were younger. Do you have any words of wisdom you could pass along on this topic?

Thanks so much!

New Mom said...

Hi Anna,
I noticed that you mentioned working with adoptions and as I have been considering going back to school to become an "adoption lawyer" for some time I was wondering how you got started in that arena. I was told by another attorney that it was a very difficult area of expertise in which to get involved... usually one attorney serves several different agencies. Is it really that difficult? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Anna said...

Hi new mom--adoption law is a very straightforward area of law to master. The body of case law and the statutes are just not that complex. As far as actually getting the work--I have always had as much or more than I wanted. I do work with several agencies and several other adoption attorneys--many adoptions require two "teams" of representation, so there is a lot of value in building relationships with other adoption attorneys. Sounds like someone doesn't want competition! Although, depending on where you live, it may be true that work is hard to come by. I live in a very active adoption culture, but other areas are different.

New Mom said...

Thanks so much for your insight... and I don't mind moving if need be.

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