Friday, July 06, 2007

Indian Party

We're in the middle of a week of festivities before a weekend wedding. Some pictures from the Indian dinner party--

where Daisy's forehead was decorated with a stick-on jewel:

Looking in:

Graceful traditional dress, intense colors:

Dancing (Clara was one of the most enthusiastic):

The lovely bride:




C.A. Worcesteer said...

Ok, your not going to believe this, but I is really true.

I was upstairs nursing Isaac and thought of you and your trip to New Mexico and Colorado....don't ask me why, my mind was just driftig. Anyhoo, I was thinking..."Gee, I ought to comment on Anna's blog about that really great Indian/gas station stop just north outside of Santa Fe.....I think they might really get a kick out of it and they have great food!" We used to live in Tucson, and so when we came up to see my parents in Kansas, we always drove through Santa Fe. I was pregnant with Samuel when we stopped the first time, and they had a HUGE Indian food buffet that smelled great (but I was recovering from really bad morning sickness and know....didn't touch it even though it looked and smelled great at the time.). So I thought it was really funny when I came downstairs to check mail and my favorite blogs to see you were having an Indian day or evening. Pretty cool.

BTW, the pictures are great and the bead work on those dresses are so beautiful. Blessings for safe travel and a wonderful time for all! C.A.

Margaret in VA said...

More pictures, Anna, if you have any!
I would love to see more of the clothes and ceremony if possible!

Linda said...

What a wonderful opportunity, to go to an Indian wedding. I was once in New Delhi during the wedding season, December, and the beautiful dresses and the groom coming to get the bride on his white horse with a band accompanying him were always a delight, although, alas, I was never invited to one. Your pictures are beautiful--it is a gorgeous celebration. And in India, instead of the saying "solid as a rock" they have "solid as marriage."

Serena said...

Ooooh! Can I please come?!!!

Wendy said...

That looks like so much fun! I love your pictures! God has blessed you with many gifts.

Amy said...

We have a huge Indian community here and I grew up with many Indian friends. I just love the women's clothes. I've seriously looked into buying an outfit for myself!

Bethgem said...

This just took my breath away, especially the picture of the bride. Giles you have got it goin' on.

AllyJo's Mama said...

Hey there. I really enjoy your sweet blog. Your pictures and domestic comments give me a peaceful feeling for some strange reason. I'm ready to take on my day now. We drove through Santa Fe a few years ago on our way to Colorado just so I could stop at the Georgia O'Keefe museum. God bless you today.

fairmaiden said...

What Beauty! Giles is an excellent photographer. Summer roadtrips are the best!

AnneK said...

I am Indian, it made me homesick seeing these pictures. Great pix!

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