Thursday, July 05, 2007

Picnic on Route 66


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your great picnic pictures, but...I've had enough of those wonderful quotes from Grace Livingston Hill. I must read one of her books! Which one would you recommend starting with?
I love your blog. I am a busy mom of 11 who tends to rush through life without stopping to smell the roses. Your blog appeals to my "serene side" (if it's still there...) It makes me want to start taking shop somewhere other than Target, and to fill my kitchen with the smell of that apricot coffee cake. It "almost" makes me want to start sewing :)
Thanks in advance for the book recommendation.
Debbie P. in Tallahassee, FL

Davene said...

Great pictures as always! Isn't that sky amazing???

christin said...

this is my first time at your blog, stumbled upon it while viewing my other favorite blog. I love your blog, especially your delicious pictures! Makes me want to snap pictures all day long. What I love is how you snap everyday things in your home and just breathe in the beauty of those simple things. I'm learning photography and trying to get a camera, but not having a big budget. What kinda of camera you use? Would love to know that. Wonder if 6 megapixel camera will produce such beautiful pictures as yours!!!

Charity Grace said...

Last year we traveled Route 66 on our way to CA to visit my grandmother. Such fun!

Kelley said...

What great pictures!
I can remember traveling Route 66 on our way to Oklahoma from California!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

Route 66 runs through my little town. Someday I'd like to follow it somewhere...anywhere!

You have inspired me to sew again, Jewels! Thank you! I'm currently finishing up a doll dress for my daughter's birthday. Last night I finished a t-shirt dress for me.

Thanks for the encouragement!
Laura of Harvest Lane

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