Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Black and White and Green All Over

Black and white inspiration today, beginning with my choice of shoes: zebra-stripe flats passsed along by my mother.

Then a great find at the thrift store for $3, a hand-painted ironstone Staffordshire platter. In black and white. When I got it home I knew it belonged in the sitting room, with its black and white floor.

But the sitting room was so dusty I had to pull all the furniture out and clean behind. Then rearrange everything.

Some things stayed the same.

But I brought in a couple of plants, an orchid and a fern. And moved the couch.

And added licorice, with black stripes.


Scratchin' the Surface said...

I've visited a few times, but a couple of nights ago spent time in your archives. Found your post on reading that had made a difference, I found two at the library, and bought Surrended Wife, which looks fascinating to me - a secular echo of Biblical submission. Home Comforts (may have title a bit skewed) looks wonderful - thanks for the recommendations.

Julian said...

love the sitting room! It is simple, yet beautiful. The fern and orchids look really pretty in there.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you have dust!! Funny how one item can cause change in an entire room. Guess I need to go house is way overdue for a deep cleaning!

Stacy said...

So pretty!

Mrs MacKenzie said...

Is it difficult to heat your house in winter?

Mrs. H said...

What a lovely, peaceful room. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. H

Joanne said...

May I inquire as to where you bought the licorice? I don't spend much time at all near any candy in the grocery store so it may have been there the entire time...I didn't know those could be found here in the USA.

Our Family of Five said...

Very cool shoes! Oh and I love your decorating style. I could use any book recommendations for decorating a home built in the early 1900's, if you have any. God Bless, Lynn.

Joy said...

Those shoes are so much fun! And it cracks me up that I am not the only one who ends up re-arranging a room on a whim. I love that fern!

Do you have any tips for dusting? I live in a new construction house that seems to grow it overnight, and I haven't found anything wet or dry that works well...wondered if you had any tricks up your sleeve.

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